June 19, 2019
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  • Hell No! We Won’t Go (to Kansas City)!

    On Thursday, a gaggle of civil servants protested the proposed relocation of a couple of Agriculture Department bureaus from Washington, D.C. to Kansas City, Missouri by boldly turning their backs on a speech delivered by Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. Perdue announced that the Economic Research Service, which provides research and…

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  • The Diminishing Dad

    As the man hastily parked his car in the parking lot on an early spring morning, the sun was not yet peeking out from behind the clouds. The grey-haired father shoved his keys into his pocket and rushed down the hospital corridor, anxious to see his daughter and his infant…

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  • A Father’s Day Salute – My Dad’s Left Hand

    My 92-year-old dad’s left hand is, for lack of a better term, messed up. It didn’t develop properly in the womb. It’s an oval-shaped thing with small, dangly, non-working nubs. I have never considered him handicapped. I’d guess the same is true of most kids whose parents were in some…

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  • The American Founding’s High-Minded Purposes

    James Madison is justly celebrated for his frequently stated opinion that “all power in just and free Government is derived from compact.” But Madison’s view is not endorsed by all purported champions of the founders. A recent article, “Our Unwritten Constitution: Orestes Brownson and the Foundation of American Liberty,” published…

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  • Republicans Aren’t Funny

    Conservative intellectuals in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere are gathering to discuss where conservatism stands in the Age of Trump and where it will be after he leaves office. As those deliberations evolve and spill into Republican Party affairs, the leaders better keep one thing in mind: conservatism, now and then,…

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  • Resisting the Politics of Victimhood

    We are a self-contradictory people. In our private lives, we affirm, or at least speak as if we affirm, the virtues of personal responsibility, self-reliance, self-discipline, wisdom, humility, generosity, and justice. These are the virtues that we strive to instill in our children. With an eye to this end, we…

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  • Finding America at a Back-Roads Gas Station

    DICKERSON, Md.—Everything happens for a reason. At least that’s what people tell you when your plans go south. Driving from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C., recently, I did as I nearly always do: I clicked the “avoid highways” option on Google Maps and chose a route I’d never taken before. You’d…

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