September 16, 2019
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  • No end to Hong Kong violence

    Pro-China groups are now involved in the violence consuming Hong Kong. Hong Kong Free Press reported Saturday a large demonstration brawled with democracy protesters at a Kowloon Bay mall while also damaging pro-democracy placards set up across the island. RTHK confirmed the clashes between the two groups before police officers…

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  • Caution needed before the U.S. gets involved in Hong Kong

    A glimmer of hope emerged in Hong Kong last week after the formal withdrawal of the extradition bill by Chief Executive Carrie Lam. Demonstrations have been ongoing since June when protestors took to the streets in opposition to the bill, which they claim erodes the legal system. As of now,…

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  • Hong Kong protesters march to US consulate, urge Trump to ‘liberate’ their city

    HONG KONG (AP) — Thousands of demonstrators in Hong Kong marched to the US Consulate on Sunday, urging US President Donald Trump to “liberate” their city as they press for more democratic freedoms in the semiautonomous Chinese territory. Protesters converged at a park in central Hong Kong before marching. They…

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  • Retreat: Hong Kong leader formally withdraws extradition bill

    Had Carrie Lam taken this action three months ago, Hong Kong’s chief executive might have been hailed as someone of political courage. After clinging to Beijing’s extradition bill through weeks of protests and violence, her statement today looks like a long-delayed retreat. Lam finally offered to formally withdraw the bill…

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  • Hong Kong media attacked, pepper sprayed by police

    Hong Kong police face new allegations of mistreatment this time by members of the media. Now TV reported late Monday riot officers decided to pepper spray multiple reporters and photographers who gathered to cover a smaller demonstration outside the Mong Kok police station. No warning dispersal warning was issued and…

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  • Hong Kong burns with more clashes between police, protesters

    The fires of revolution will not stop burning in Hong Kong despite the best efforts of police. Another night of protests wracked the South China special administrative area with rail lines disrupted and at least four demonstrators beaten by heavy-armored officers. Saturday was the fifth anniversary of China’s failed attempt…

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