June 27, 2019
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  • Lessons from Bill: Call the S.O.B.

    In January 2016, Bill Clinton’s presidential library made public transcripts of telephone calls between the president and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The calls, placed between May 1997 and December 2000, represent, as the New York Times noted, “a time capsule . . . captur[ing] the priorities and perceptions of…

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  • The Steele Dossier Has Been Discredited—Is the IC Report Next?

    The three-year orchestrated campaign to discredit Donald Trump and destroy his presidency is littered with sketchy reports authored by partisan characters motivated by power and revenge. From the Steele dossier and the personal memos of former FBI Director James Comey to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, a trove of dubious…

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  • What Hillary and Obama Actually Did

    It’s remarkable that the Democrats—and the corporate leftist media—don’t know the difference between Norway and Russia. One is an unequivocal part of the West, a founding member and staunch pillar of NATO. The other is a schizophrenic nation with imperialistic tendencies run by a former KGB colonel. These nuances are…

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  • Russian Hack or CrowdStrike Ruse?

    Robert Mueller may live to regret indicting Roger Stone. Stone is the long-time Republican political operative who made headlines in January when he was hauled out of his home by a squad of FBI agents adorned in tactical gear and carrying M4 rifles. The ostentatious display of force seemed made…

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