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  • The Worst Moment of Last Night’s Democratic Debates

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    A woman can’t become president with a debate performance like this. The low point of last night’s Democratic debates in Iowa came when one of the moderators played along with Elizabeth Warren in her charges of sexism against Bernie Sanders. The faceoff between the two “friends” had been brewing online…

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  • And They Aren’t Deaf


    Former Red Sox manager Alex Cora is the latest victim of the latest sign-stealing flap in Major League Baseball. The Sawks sacked Cora on Tuesday after former Astros manager A. J. Hinch was cashiered on Monday, all based on MLB’s exhaustive and exhausting look into Astros sign-stealing in 2017, the…

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  • A First — And Probably a Last

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    You saw it here first. You won’t see it anywhere else. Yet another American Spectator exclusive. On this morning’s web, The American Spectator’s able editorial director Wlady Pleszczynski has found and presented for our amazement an image few in the known universe have beheld. That is a picture of Bernie Sanders…

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