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Mother of 6 Gives Out 100 Lunches Every Day To Feed Kids in Her Neighborhood


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Those words are often attributed to Mother Teresa, one of the most heralded saints, who’s known for her work among the neediest. Now, another woman is taking on those words as her own mantra.

Champale Greene-Anderson has a sign in her St. Louis front yard that reads “Champ’s Teardrops,” advertising free lunch and snacks for neighboring kids who don’t get enough to eat.

Greene-Anderson already has her hands full with six of her own children, but she takes joy in feeding all the hungry who come to her.

“It makes me proud and I want to keep going and my goal is to, I want to go to different neighborhoods and give out bags,” Greene-Anderson told KPLR.

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“They get off the bus and they take off running and they never know what I will have in the bag,” she explained. “I switch it up — special treats for my special babies.”

While her generosity has made the news recently, this motivated mom has been quietly feeding hungry kids for five years. Now, she hands out up to 100 free meals a day.

“I do 100 bags every day, sometimes a little more for the kids that’s coming extra,” she said. “Their parents bring them over here to get the bags and I’m going to start doing extra bags now, maybe about 150.”

While Greene-Anderson has used her own funds to feed the hungry, her sign says that she gladly accepts donations, including juice, snacks, bread and lunch meat.

In late August, she started a GoFundMe to help her feed even more kids.

“Hi, my name is Champale Anderson and what I do is give out snack bags to the neighborhood kids,” the caring mother wrote on GoFundMe. “What I call what i do is Champ’s Teardrops.”

‘I’m just trying to help the kids that don’t have enough at home or just hungry after school. I been doing this out my own money and i’m just reaching out. Please help these kids out.”

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“Hello all, it’s that time again to help these babies,” states a flyer she made and distributed, as shown on GoFundMe. “I need help guys to keep this going. I’m not doing this for myself I’m doing for them, so please take the time to open up your hearts and minds and let’s make a difference. God bless all!”

Her original goal was to raise $1,5o0. The current donation amount from over 900 donors is sitting at just under $30,000 — that’s a lot of sandwiches!

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