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'Lucifer king of hell': Church vandalized after opposing 'drag queen' event

A California church was vandalized after its pastor and members publicly opposed the presentation of a “Drag Queen Story Hour” in a local public library.

The pro-family group MassResistance documented the satanic messages painted on the walls of the church before Sunday services last weekend.

The messages include a star in a circle with the word “satan,” “lucifer,” “king of hell” and the obscene “s— m- —–.”

Last month, MassResistance activists in the San Diego suburb of Chula Vista began alerting the community about the “Drag Queen Story Hour” coming to their local library.

MassResistance recruited churches, including Pastor Amado Huizar of the South Bay Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista.

“Pastor Luziar was very enthusiastic. He participated in our conference calls,” MassResistance said. “He reached out to the press and referenced MassResistance. He brought our leaflets – in both English and Spanish – about the Drag Queen event into his church and encouraged the parishioners to take them and pass them out in the community. He is the kind of church leader we need everywhere!”

However, there was a price to pay.

“As we’ve all seen, the rabid and unhinged pro-LGBT activists believe that no laws or rules of decorum prevent them from harassing, intimidating, and destroying anyone who disagrees with their agenda. And so, the church was soon on their radar screen,” MassResistance said.

First there were personal attacks, including hate-filled messages on social media.

One attack came from a city council member, the report said.

“City Councilor Steven Padilla, who is openly ‘gay’ himself, wrote a vicious social media rant saying that the pro-family Chula Vista citizens are part of a group (i.e., MassResistance) that ‘promotes anti-immigrant and white-supremacist beliefs.’ He offered no proof or evidence of this, and has refused to answer questions from the press about it,” MassResistance said.

Then early on Sunday, Sept. 8, parishioners at Pastor Huizar’s church who arrived early were met by satanic messages painted on all four outside walls.

“They were quickly covered up, but it was clearly meant to terrorize both the pastor and the churchgoers because of their stand against the ‘Drag Queen’ event,” the group said.

The organization said the satanic symbols were not a surprise, since it has found “a very disturbing amount of satanic imagery and ‘church of satan’ depiction[s]’ embedded in the LGBT movement.”

WND reported this week the New York Times ran a feature on the emergence of preteen “drag stars.”

The Media Research Center blog Newsbusters commented that in its “eagerness to ingratiate itself to the LGBT left,” the Times “didn’t spot any sexual content in the ‘drag kid’ movement.”

Reporter Alice Hines acknowledged that “as recently as the 1970s, when dressing as another gender could lead to arrest on charges of vagrancy or ‘perversion’ in many jurisdictions, drag was an adults-only affair, relegated to underground spaces and rich in sexual innuendo.”

But now, she said, with the growing mainstream acceptance of gay culture, public libraries are hosting “Drag Queen Story Hour” and its defenders insist it isn’t inherently sexual.

However, Newsbusters pointed out the Times ignored the stripper routine by an 11-year-old “drag kid” in a Brooklyn gay bar that was cheered on by adults.

The “Drag Queen Story Hour” movement gained momentum recently, with events in a number of states.

In Texas, however, a number of “drag queens” who made presentations in libraries were found to be convicted sex offenders.

David Lee Richardson, known as “Miss Kitty Litter,” has participated in the “Drag Storytime for Children” at a public library in Austin, Texas, during the past year.

He was arrested and convicted of offering sex for money in 1996, MassResistance discovered, reported OneNewsNow.

Earlier this year, MassResistance exposed two other convicted sex offenders who read to children at a Houston public library.

On Aug. 8, after uncovering numerous social media posts by Richardson alluding to homosexual and sado-masochistic acts, members of MassResistance’s Austin chapter testified before the Austin City Council, joining local citizens demanding that the “Drag Queen Story Hour” event be stopped.

WND reported one of the first “story hour” events to draw attention nationally was held in 2017 at the Michelle Obama public library in Long Beach, California.

A drag queen named “Sparkle Leigh” even read to children in a Presbyterian church in Cincinnati, reported Cincinnati.com.


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