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Shameless Comey Tries To Spin IG Report, Claims He’s Owed an Apology


He might deserve a hand just for the chutzpah.

After Thursday’s Justice Department inspector general’s report became public, blasting former FBI Director James Comey for his handling of FBI information and orchestrating a leak meant to damage President Donald Trump, Comey decided to go on the offensive to demand an apology from those he said had “defamed” him.

He shouldn’t be expecting one any time soon.

Comey took to social media on Thursday only minutes after the release of the IG report, which concluded in no uncertain terms that Comey had violated FBI policies while he was still its director by keeping personal memos of his conversations with Trump that had been produced on government equipment.

The report found that Comey had shared some of these memos with his personal attorneys and was behind the leak of one of the memos to The New York Times, in hopes of sparking the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate the Trump White House.

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In a normal world, a man who’d once held a position like Comey’s would be disgraced by such a document — which concluded he’d not only violated the policies he was duty-bound to enforce, but had set a despicable example for thousands of FBI employees.

But nothing is normal for anti-Trump zealots, and Comey’s shamelessness was on display for the whole world in his response to the report.

See, by Comey’s reasoning, the IG report found that he hadn’t disseminated classified information, so all those meanies who’ve been attacking him for the past two years have been doing him wrong.


The guy has just been painted as an unscrupulous backstabber, caught out at playing the old Washington game of selective leaks to selected news outlets to damage attack an opponent, and he wants an apology because it wasn’t classified information?

Fox News’ Brit Hume had one of the best responses:

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Judging by the reaction on social media, plenty of users agreed with Hume.

That last one really nails it.

Do you think Comey owes his country an apology?

98% (334 Votes)

2% (6 Votes)

Even if Comey was choir-boy pure in his opposition to Trump, and even if he orchestrated the leak of a memo to The New York Times for the noblest of purposes, the fact of the matter is that he did it.

He’s admitted he did it, the inspector general of the Justice Department just blasted him for violating FBI policies on documents and information and accused him of setting a bad example for the bureau he once led.

It was an abuse of the public trust on a massive scale.

And now Comey wants an apology?

He deserves a hand for chutzpah, and then to disappear into disgrace.

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